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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                l6l

sends his compliments to you. Yesterday I dined
with Cubieres (late Scuyer cavalcadour du Roi)9
whom you remember with a pretty house and
garden at Versailles. He is a wit and very
merry. He is engaged in the fournitures de foin
pour la Republique.

The other night Madame de Valence1 gave a
ball, chez ma tante, to a vast number of ci-devants*
who ate and drank, laughed and danced as if they
had not a friend absent or one murdered—when,
behold ! in comes Madame Tallien, and all the
women went away. Can you imagine such folly,
in their circumstances and misfortunes ? I will
venture to say there was scarcely one but had
directly or indirectly asked, or will soon ask, a
favour of that woman, whose greatest crimes, per-
haps, are her beauty and her riches.

M. d'Hautefort maintains a grand etat, and
gives the best concerts and diners fins in Paris,
without any other means but his old ones. Madame
de Maulde and her daughters visited and dined
there, as they are ever in the same court; but
they found out that Mademoiselle Henriette, whom

i Daughter o£ Madame de Genlis.
2, Ma tante. was the nickname for Madame de Montesson.
The ci-devants were the ex-nobility.

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